Daniel Dobbs
Senior Loan Officer


Get a Full "DU" Loan Approval

Before Your Buyer Looks for a Home!

Closing an Escrow is Tougher then Ever!

Dodd Frank and other CFPB reforms have unnecessarily lengthened escrow timelines, which puts your transaction and commission checks at risk.

Combined with the fact that virtually all buyers have past credit issues, employment hiccups or downpayment shortages, you can be working for weeks on a transaction with no hope of it "closing".

Because few buyers "fully" disclose their issues to their agent, you need a loan officer to screen your leads, ferret out any financing issues and keep you "in the loop" at all times.

                                      A Simple Solution! 

Eliminate suprises, wasted time, and countless frustrations by having your buyers obtain a (free)

full "DU" loan approval; before they begin looking for a home.

Whether they need Fannie Mae-VA-or FHA financing, a computerized loan approval complete with a "case number" is your only guarantee the buyers can get financed and your efforts are not wasted.

Call if you like my straight forward style... let's discuss how we can work together to obtain the best mortgage at the lowest possible rate for your clients.